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About Hopper Dryer

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About Hopper Dryer

Hopper dryer is a necessary auxiliary machine for injection molding machine.

The raw material will absorb the moisture in the air as soon as it touches the air, so the injection molding machine must be equipped with a hopper dryer to dry the granular material.The presence of moisture in the granular material will directly affect the quality of the product, so in order to improve product quality, baking the material is a very critical preparation.

There are two main types of hopper dryers, one is the common hopper dryer and the other is the 3-in-1 drying and dehumidifying feeder.Relatively speaking, the 3-in-1 dryer is more practical.

In the injection molding industry, engineering plastics need to be dried, do not need to keep dry more than a few, such as pp, pe.




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