Magnetic Field Injection Molding Machine
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Magnetic Field Injection Molding Machine


Injection molding machine is a mechanical equipment for plastic injection molding. It is an efficient rapid prototyping equipment. Its working characteristics are long-term continuous operation. The stability and repeatability of injection molding machine molding in each cycle are the performance that every equipment enterprise and production enterprise pay great attention to; At present, there are various structural forms of the three small parts (rubber head, rubber ring, and rubber washer) of traditional reciprocating screws. The structural forms of the three small parts are mainly considered from two aspects: plasticizing quality and injection accuracy. The traditional way to improve injection accuracy is mainly to improve the corresponding flexibility of the rubber ring, and there are many factors that affect flexibility. At the same time, there are multiple technical contradictions. Improving the flexibility of the rubber ring will also bring other negative effects, For example, the contradiction between reducing the sealing stroke and ensuring sufficient adhesive area; Reduce the contradiction between the contact area between the rubber ring and the rubber head and increased wear; It is still impossible to avoid or cancel the impact of the precision of the return sealing stroke of the rubber ring on the forming accuracy; Another method to avoid the sealing stroke of the rubber ring is a two-stage injection device, which is specifically achieved by separating the screw plasticization from the injection plunger. During plasticization, the screw stores material separately, and other devices close the screw feeding chamber in advance. The injection is carried out using a plunger structure, which in principle eliminates the problem of the sealing stroke of the rubber ring returning to the position. However, the entire injection unit structure is relatively complex, It is also necessary to use other mechanisms to close the melt feeding channel in advance.






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