Plastic Chairs For Events Mould Injection Moulding Machine
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Plastic Chairs For Events Mould Injection Moulding Machine


How to choose the appropriate machine based on plastic products?

The main technical parameters of the injection molding machine:

1.Mold closing force, maximum injection volume, maximum and minimum mold thickness, mold moving stroke, distance between pull rods, ejection stroke and ejection pressure, etc.

2.The technical requirements for selecting an injection molding machine that is suitable for molded products can be divided into the following:

3.Clamping force: The projected area of the product multiplied by the mold cavity pressure ≤ Clamping force, P ≥ QF cavity pressure;

4.Maximum injection volume: Product weight<maximum injection volume. Product weight=maximum injection volume * 75-85%.

5.Injection molding machine device mold thickness: The interval between the maximum and minimum values of injection molding machine mold thickness. 

The maximum thickness of the mold injection molding machine ≤ the maximum mold thickness; Minimum mold thickness ≥ minimum mold thickness of injection molding machine Mold moving stroke: Mold opening distance=Mold thickness+Product height+Ejection distance+Product space. Immediate opening

Mold distance<mold travel.

6.Distance between pull rods: refers to the position where the mold is installed; Mold length * width ≤ pull rod distance Ejection stroke and pressure: Ejection distance and pressure of the product<Ejection stroke and pressure of the injection molding machine;

7.Other: core pulling device, gas assisted, drying, mold temperature machine, etc.

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