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ZHANG JIA GANG SHEN ZHOU MACHINERY CO.,LTD.located in Zhangjiagang —new Port City of China, we are closed to shanghai and have great convenience on transportation.

We are a physical factory established in 1999 and have 25 years of experience in injection molding machine manufacturing.

We gather many years of rich experience to make “SZ” series automatic computer Injection Molding Machine and its equipment. Its excellent quality, stable performance, attractive price-performance meet the client's demands and profits.
We are a manufacturer of injection molding machines. 
Our machines are sold to more than 20 provinces of China and exported to 60 countries of Europe, USA. Latin , South America,Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Middle Asia and Africa. All of our clients give high reputations for our machines and services.
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June 24, 2024

Identify the responsibilities and positioning of workshop management personnel.1. The responsibilities and role awareness of workshop management personnel.2. Firstly, establish a solid foundation for management and quickly make everyone a good on-site manager in the workshop.3. The focus and key poi

June 20, 2024

A customer from Kazakhstan purchased our Shenzhou machine 8 years ago and said that our machine is very durable and has been in use for 8 years

June 18, 2024

1、 What is a hot runner?Hot runner technology is an advanced technology applied to the pouring runner system of plastic injection molds, and is a hot direction in the development of plastic injection molding processes. The so-called hot runner molding refers to the plastic sent from the injection ma

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