Cheap Kids Plastic Dining Tables And Kids Chairs Injection Molding Machine
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Cheap Kids Plastic Dining Tables And Kids Chairs Injection Molding Machine


Durable Kids Plastic Chairs Industrial Injection Making Molding Machine

Injection molding is a method of industrial product modeling. For the production of plastic chairs, a large number of plastic chairs need to be produced, and the quality of the mold must be guaranteed first.

So how exactly are plastic chairs made? Due to the inherent elasticity of plastic, plastic chairs are prone to deformation during use.

So the raw materials for making chairs are usually polypropylene or polyethylene, which have good wear resistance and toughness, making them the preferred material for making plastic furniture.

plastic chairkid chair

1. Injection mold

It is mainly a type of molding mold that is most commonly used in the production of thermoplastic parts. The processing equipment corresponding to the injection mold is the injection molding machine. The plastic is first heated and melted in the bottom heating cylinder of the injection molding machine, and then pushed by the screw or plunger of the injection molding machine, it enters the mold cavity through the injection molding machine nozzle and the mold pouring system. The plastic is cooled and hardened to form, and the product is demolded.

Its structure is usually composed of forming components, pouring system, guiding components, pushing mechanism, temperature regulating system, exhaust system, support components, etc., and is manufactured using plastic mold steel. The injection molding processing method is usually only applicable to the production of thermoplastic products. The plastic products produced using injection molding technology are very extensive, from daily necessities to various complex electrical appliances, automotive components, etc., which are formed using injection molds. It is the most widely used processing method in plastic product production.

2. Blow molding mold

A mold used to shape hollow products of plastic containers (such as beverage bottles, daily chemical products, and other packaging containers). The forms of blow molding mainly include extrusion blow molding hollow molding and injection molding according to the process principle. The forms of blow molding mainly include extrusion blow molding hollow molding, injection blow molding hollow molding, injection extension blow molding hollow molding (commonly known as injection pull blow molding), multi-layer blow molding hollow molding, sheet blow molding hollow molding, etc.

The equipment corresponding to the blow molding of hollow products is usually called a plastic blow molding machine, and blow molding is only applicable to the production of hot plastic products. The structure of blow molding molds is relatively simple, and the materials used are mostly made of carbon.

3. Extrusion mold

A type of mold used to shape and produce plastic products with continuous shapes, also known as extrusion molding heads, is widely used for the processing of pipes, bars, monofilaments, plates, thin films, wire and cable coatings, and profiles.

The corresponding production equipment is a plastic extruder, which is based on the principle of melting and plasticizing solid plastic under heating and rotating pressure conditions of the extruder screw. Through a specific shape of the die, it is made into a continuous plastic product with the same cross-section and die shape. Its manufacturing materials mainly include carbon structural steel, alloy tools, etc. Some extrusion molds also embed wear-resistant materials such as diamonds on the parts that require wear resistance.

The extrusion process is usually only applicable to the production of thermoplastic products, and it has significant differences in structure from injection molds and compression molds.

4. Blister mold

A type of mold that uses plastic plates and sheets as raw materials to form some relatively simple plastic products. Its principle is to use the vacuum opening method or compressed air forming method to deform the plastic plates and sheets fixed on the concave or convex molds and adhere them to the mold cavity under heating and softening to obtain the desired formed products. It is mainly used in the production of some daily necessities, food, and toy packaging products.

Due to the low pressure during molding, vacuum molds are mostly made of cast aluminum or non-metallic materials, with a relatively simple structure.

5. Compression molding mold

There are two types of structural molds, compression molding and injection molding. They are a type of mold mainly used for forming thermosetting plastics, and their corresponding equipment is a pressure forming machine.

According to the characteristics of plastic, the compression molding method heats the mold to the molding temperature (usually 103 ° 108 °), and then puts the measured compression molding powder into the mold cavity and feeding chamber, closes the mold, and the plastic softens and flows under high heat and pressure. After a certain period of time, it solidifies and forms the desired product shape.

The difference between pressure injection molding and compression molding is that there is no separate feeding chamber. Before forming, the mold is closed first, and the plastic is preheated in the feeding chamber to form a viscous flow state. Under pressure, it is adjusted and squeezed into the mold cavity, hardening and forming.

The compression molding mold mainly consists of a cavity, a feeding cavity, a guiding mechanism, a pushing component, a heating system, and so on. Pressure injection molds are widely used for packaging electrical components. The materials used in the manufacturing of compression molding molds are basically the same as those used in injection molds.





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