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Injection blow molding machine is widely used in various fields such as food and beverage packaging, medical equipment, and cosmetic containers. Its production process is mainly divided into two stages: injection and blow molding.

First, in the injection stage, the raw material is injected into the mold in a molten state, and the mold cavity is filled with high-pressure injection to form a predetermined shape and size. The key to this stage is to ensure even distribution and accurate filling of materials to ensure the strength and precision of the final product.

Next comes the blow molding stage, where the injection molded part from the mold is transferred to the blow molding cavity. By blowing gas into the mold cavity, pressure is formed on the cavity wall, causing the injection molded part to gradually expand and fit the mold surface, ultimately forming the internal and external shapes of the product. Compared with other manufacturing methods, a distinctive feature of injection-blown products is that there are no adhesive seams on the surface, which means that the product does not require additional finishing work and can keep the surface smooth and tidy.

Due to the characteristics of the injection blow molding process, the injection blow molding machine is mainly suitable for products with a molding volume of less than 500 ml. For oval products, the shape is relatively complex and the injection blow molding process is relatively difficult.




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