IB25 Injection Blow Molding Machine 
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IB25 Injection Blow Molding Machine 


Injection Blowing Molding Machine is a device used to manufacture plastic containers and other hollow plastic products. It adopts injection molding and blow molding processes, forming predetermined shaped cavities through heating and pressure of thermoplastic materials, and then expanding the cavities into the final hollow plastic product through blowing.

The main components of the injection molding machine include injection system, blow molding system, cooling system, and control system. The workflow typically includes the following steps:

1. Plastic injection: Inject pre heated and melted plastic into the cavity of the mold through an injection system, forming a predetermined shaped cavity.

2. Blow molding: After the injection molding is completed, the mold will transfer the injection molded part to the blow molding cavity through a mechanical or hydraulic system, and then expand the cavity into the final hollow plastic product through blowing.

3. Cooling and Curing: After blow molding is completed, the injection molding machine cools and solidifies the plastic product through a cooling system to maintain its shape and stability.

4. Removal and subsequent processing: After cooling and curing, the plastic product will be removed from the mold and subjected to subsequent treatments such as trimming, decoration, and packaging.

The injection blowing machine has the following characteristics and advantages:

1. High production efficiency: Injection blown machines can achieve continuous and efficient production, suitable for mass production of plastic containers and hollow products.

2. Low cost: Compared to other molding processes, the production cost of injection molding machines is lower, which can improve production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

3. Strong adaptability: Injection blown machines can manufacture plastic containers and hollow products of various shapes and sizes, suitable for the needs of different industries.

4. High product quality: Injection blown machines can manufacture plastic products with smooth appearance, accurate size, and durability, which have high product quality.

5. High degree of automation: Injection blowers are usually equipped with advanced control systems and automation equipment, which is easy to operate and reduces manual operation and labor intensity.

Overall, injection blown machines are equipment used for manufacturing plastic containers and hollow plastic products, with advantages of high efficiency, low cost, strong adaptability, high product quality, and high degree of automation. They are widely used in packaging, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.






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