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Causes of screw wear and ways to minimize it
1, each plastic, there is an ideal plasticization processing temperature range, should control the barrel processing temperature, so that it is close to this temperature range. Granular plastic from the hopper into the barrel, will first arrive at the charging section, in the charging section will i
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Polishing Treatment of Plastic Molds
1.1 Mechanical polishingMechanical polishing is a polishing method that involves cutting and removing the protrusions on the material surface after polishing to obtain a smooth surface. It generally uses oilstone strips, wool wheels, sandpaper, etc., and is mainly operated manually. For special part
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How To Improve The Efficiency, Quality, And Low Consumption
1. Improve the scientific and reasonable staffing of injection molding department personnel2. Clarify the job responsibilities of personnel in each position. Ensure that everyone has their own affairs to manage, and that there are people in charge of everything3. Streamline the operation process of
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Summary of Experience in Adjusting The Corinthian Column
1. After the Corinth column is roughly installed, adjust the mold thickness to be less than the mold thickness, bend the crank arm as far as possible, and keep the mold closed.2. Remove all front fixing plates, front fixing nuts, and rear fixing plates, adjust the position of the adjusting nuts appr
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