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First Encounter With The Open Top Container
The customer purchased the lifting mold frame used by the lifting mold. He was an Ethiopian customer and paid by letter of credit. With this mold hanger, it will be easier and more convenient to load and unload the mold. It is directly mounted on the load-bearing wall and controlled by the switch to
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Delivery Date
It was a windy day and our injection moulding machine Shenzhou— 7500 A was ready to be shipped to our customer in Peru. After more than two months of discussion and commissioning with the customer. After confirming the samples, the customer was very satisfied and ready to ship. The customer is ready
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Come back
Engineers who travelled to Nigeria have returned home without incident.
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About Hopper Dryer
Hopper dryer is a necessary auxiliary machine for injection molding machine.The raw material will absorb the moisture in the air as soon as it touches the air, so the injection molding machine must be equipped with a hopper dryer to dry the granular material.The presence of moisture in the granular
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