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Analysis and Treatment of Abnormal Operation of Injection Molding Machine's Mold Adjustment Action
When the operator of an injection molding machine is performing a mold adjustment action, when the pressure and flow rate of the mold adjustment action continue to increase, generally no one pays attention. Only when the maximum pressure and flow rate can no longer be used to adjust the mold, do
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Injection molding machine opening and closing mechanism
Mold opening control:After the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity and the cooling is completed, the mold opening action is followed to remove the product. The mold opening process is also divided into three stages. The first stage is to slowly open the mold to prevent the part from tear
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Repair and maintenance of molds
The repair and maintenance of molds is an important task to ensure their normal operation and extend their service life. The following are some common measures for mold repair and maintenance:1. Regular cleaning: Regularly clean the surface and interior of the mold to remove dirt, oil stains, and re
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