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The design and manufacturing of molds directly affect the quality and shape of the final product.

Wear resistance and durability are important features of molds. Since during the molding process, the mold will be subjected to various forces such as high pressure, high temperature and friction, it needs to have good wear resistance and durability. In order to meet these requirements, Shenzhou's molds usually use high-quality materials, such as imported raw materials 2316 and P20, etc. These materials have excellent wear resistance and strength, allowing them to be used over time without becoming prone to wear or deformation.

The customizability of the mold is another important feature. Every customer's needs and product requirements may be different, so the mold needs to be customized according to the customer's requirements. This includes customizing specific cavity sizes, and logos. Customized molds can ensure that the final product exactly matches the customer's requirements and provide personalized solutions.

Finish is also a key factor in the mold manufacturing process. The finish of the mold surface directly affects the appearance and quality of the final product. Using high-quality mold materials and precise processing technology can ensure that the mold surface is smooth and free of flow marks, resulting in high-quality, beautiful-looking products.

In addition, the mold also needs to undergo heat treatment. Heat treatment is a method of changing the properties and organizational structure of materials by controlling their heating and cooling processes. Through proper heat treatment, the mold can obtain better hardness, strength and durability to cope with complex molding processes and high-intensity working environments.




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