Disposable Pp PvcPlastic Spoon And Fork Injection Molding Machine
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Disposable Pp PvcPlastic Spoon And Fork Injection Molding Machine


Disposable plastic pvc, pp ice cream spoon, plastic knife and fork, strong toughness, not easy to break.



According to customer information, it can be customized and engraved with logo.

Horizontal injection molding machine operation

Startup check

Before turning on the power supply, first check the power line, confirm whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, check whether the proximity switch of the safety door is out of order, and whether the safety door switch is smooth.

The mold must be installed manually

Close the safety door by matching the mold with the circle setting of the fixed plate, and turn the mold switch to mold installation adjustment to close the mold.

Adjust the mold so that the center of the nozzle is up and down with respect to the nozzle, align it left and right, and mount the saddle at the back, and fix the mold on the fixed plate.

Adjust the stroke and speed of the ejector pin. If the stroke of the ejector pin exceeds the stroke, it may damage the mold. Therefore, at the beginning, it must be set shorter.

Adjust the mold closing safety device.

Adjust the mold closing safety device.

Manual operation of forming operation

Switch the operation selector switch to the "Manual" position, and then press the pump start button.

The safety door on the left side of the reverse operation must also be closed.

When the mold switch is switched to "mold closing", the mold closing action starts and the high pressure is


The ejection device switches to "forward" and the nozzle contact is completed.

When the switch of the ejection device is switched to "ejection", the ejection action will be carried out, and the pressure will be converted from the ejection (primary) pressure to the secondary pressure. Note: Start the screw drive motor 15 minutes after the temperature of the heating cylinder reaches the set temperature to avoid damaging the screw.

Measure the pressure holding time

Switch the screw switch to the "rotation" position for metering.

Switch the injection device switch and move the injection device back to the appropriate position.

After measuring the cooling time, switch the mold switch to "mold opening".

Press the ejection switch to measure the ejection of the finished product.





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