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How to improve the transparency of plastic products

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1、 Properties of transparent plastics

Transparent plastics must first have high transparency, followed by a certain degree of strength and wear resistance, which can withstand impact, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and water absorption. Only in this way can they meet the transparency requirements in use and remain unchanged for a long time.

2、 Common issues to pay attention to during transparent plastic injection molding process

Transparent plastic, due to its high transmittance, inevitably requires strict surface quality requirements for plastic products, without any spots, pores, or whitening. Mist halo, black spots, discoloration, poor gloss and other defects affect the raw materials and equipment throughout the entire injection molding process. The design of molds and even products should pay great attention to and put forward strict or even special requirements.

Secondly, due to the high melting point and poor flowability of transparent plastics, in order to ensure the surface quality of the product, it is often necessary to make slight adjustments to process parameters such as barrel temperature, injection pressure, and injection speed, so that the mold can be filled with plastic during injection without generating internal stress and causing product deformation and cracking.

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