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Plastic 18g PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

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We have more than 20 types of injection molding machines, ranging from 75kn injection volume to 1000kg. As long as it is required by customers, we try our best to meet.


 Bottle embryo injection mold (also known as bottle embryo mold) is used for the production of plastic products such as bottles. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows: Advantages: High efficiency: bottle embryo injection mold is an important part of a large production line, can produce multiple bottle embryos at one time, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The use of efficient injection molding machines can greatly increase the speed of production. 

2. Reusable: The manufacturing materials of the bottle embryo injection mold are diverse, generally using high temperature resistant and wear resistant materials, with a long service life, can be used repeatedly, and reduce production costs. 

3. High precision: The injection mold of the bottle embryo adopts advanced CAD/CAM computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, which has high precision and complete automation of the processing process to ensure the accurate size and shape of the bottle embryo produced. Disadvantages: 

(1). High manufacturing cost: The bottle embryo injection mold needs to use high-strength materials to manufacture, and the cost is high. In addition, due to the need to process complex design drawings, production is more difficult, high technology, labor and equipment costs will also lead to an increase in manufacturing costs. 

(2). Difficult maintenance: The service life of the bottle embryo injection mold is long, and the failure in the use process needs to be repaired and repaired. Because the injection mold structure is complex and the design is precise, it is more difficult to maintain. In addition, some mold manufacturers need to complete maintenance under special supporting facilities, which will increase maintenance costs. 

(3). It is difficult to predict the cost: the bottle embryo injection mold needs to be designed and manufactured according to special needs, so for ordinary bottle production, it may be inappropriate to choose and wrongly invested. In addition, the production batch size has a large impact on the return of the injection mold investment, and the cost will be difficult to accurately estimate before determining the production plan or placing a large order.

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