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How Can We Help You?
Complaints and Suggestions
Every suggestion you think of our service,will be the direction of our services.Our customer service team will promptly process your letter, and give you a satisfactory reply
Technical Support
Services: Parameters advice
Function Operating Instructions, abnormal and fault judgment
Technical Support​​​​​​​
Customer Service
Monday to Friday 8:00- 18:00
Weekends and holidays 8:00 ~ 17:00Learn More Service Hotline​​​​​​​
Product Consultation
You have any questions about our products can E-mail to us.
Professional customer service will give you a comprehensive, thoughtful technology solutions.
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Traffic Routes
Drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 1hour 42 minutes
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General Manager Mailbox
Comments and suggestions to the general manager
Email Support
Send an email and get a next response.
Message us
Online Video
If you have any questions,you can give us a video call directly,
which can solve the problem easily and quickly.
Abroad Passport
We have expatriate engineer services,our engineers can go to the customer's country to solve the problem.
More Help
General Questions
Please e-mail us with any questions or feedback about our website​​​​​​​




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